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Altruistic by definition, showing an interested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish. “it was an entirely altruistic act”

My husband was referred to Altruistic Therapy Services by his primary care physician shortly after suffering from a stroke. His occipital lob was damaged, which affected his vision along with his inability to read and decipher words. His comprehension of language was compromised as well. We were set up with appointments with Vanessa quickly and his sessions began. He went from the inability to form words from letters to reading within a few months. My husband may be a rare case but I believe Vanessa gave him the confidence to work hard and keep trying. She is a good listener and encourager. The advice she gave Ken proved effective. This clinic truly reflects its name, Altruistic.

Mary H.

Amazing, intuitive therapists! After my second back surgery they worked their magic, enhancing my recovery and got me back to living life!
Alan W.

My grandmother has come a long way thanks to your guys’ help. Before she came to you guys she couldn’t really eat on her own and she had issues with her speech, now I don’t have to worry about her choking on anything without being with her. I deeply appreciate all the love and support you guys show us, it really feels like family. 💖
Mikalyn C.

Our family absolutely loves the owner! She carries herself with grace and integrity. We would absolutely recommend Altruistic Therapy Services to anyone looking for a therapist for their loved one!
Elizabeth M.

We love it here! We switched from another speech therapy group because they weren’t meeting our needs. Thank goodness we did! The amount of progress our little guy has had is phenomenal! Heather and Venessa both are tremendous. You will not regret using them for your speech therapy needs!
Glenna D.

I have been using Altruistic Therapy Company for over 2 years! Heather is very Professional and helpful in answering all my questions and needs for my daughter. My daughter see’s Jenn for a massage 1-2 times a week and she looks forward to seeing her! Jenn ask her what has been bothering her or hurting her since her last visit and takes care of it. I highly recommend this Company they are the greatest!

Shari J.

Heather Brown has gone above and beyond to put together a team and create an environment that is all about the patient at Altruistic Therapy Services. The best interest of the whole patient is always top priority, not just their speech and language or dietary needs, not only their pain from their illness, accidents or injuries. At Altruistic they will see you, they will hear you and they will provide the top quality care you’ve been looking for. Most importantly they will give you the care you need. At times it may involve some hard truths but they are there to support, inform and guide you through it. If, when working with Heather, you take away nothing more than a newfound knowledge of compensatory strategies then you’ve gained enough to help you for a lifetime. I’ve been fortunate enough to also receive massage therapy services at Altruistic since Heather offers an amazing and affordable program. My massage therapist, Jennifer, has been integral to my recovery from my injuries and managing ongoing pain & movement issues. I can speak to my family again, I can communicate and they understand me, I can hold my children, be an active participant in our lives together because of Altruistic Therapy Services. I couldn’t thank Heather, Jennifer or Vanessa more for all they’ve done and continue to do for me and my family. Don’t hesitate, don’t give it a second thought, just call. You won’t be disappointed.
Leah J.

When someone changes your life & leads you out of the situation you suddenly find yourself in – it can be hard to put your gratitude into words. Heather was without a doubt the most pivotal and important teammate in my Ma’s post stroke recovery. We went from being told my Ma’s trach would never come out to Heather having it out within a year. When Heather took our case on she was the ONLY one that would help us. No one wanted to touch the trach or deal with us whatsoever.

I knew from the moment Heather said “Hello” she was special – and I was right! Heather is beyond special! She is one of one. She is truly of service to her patients in a very rare and special way.

Dedication, professionalism, passion, know how, intuition, compassion, perserverance, care, determination, leadership only begin to describe Heather as a person, professional, heart and soul. I could not recommend her more highly!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH HEATHER! For being who you are and doing what you do – you are really changing lives and putting people back together. You changed the trajectory of my entire family’s lives. I will carry gratitude, love and admiration for you my entire life.

Ma is shining & doing better than ever – trach free! Her attitude about exercise and movement is even improving – if you can believe that! LOL.

Thank you so much Heather! I will always be in awe of you!

Forever with love, gratitude & admiration,

Diane R.

Vanessa has really bent over backwards to help my son with his hyper sensitivity to food. She as well as Heather have really worked with me to help put a good course of treatment together to achieve our goals for my son. I feel it’s important for a therapist to work with the parents and they have done an amazing job at including me and some of my ideas in this process. I know that if I ever need anything, they are very willing to help. Love it here and so does my son!
Chelsy B.

Let me start by saying my year and a half old son with major sensory issues & oral delays has been seeing Heather for a few months. She has done wonders for him. She is so easy to talk to and my son absolutely loves her. She has helped my him in ways no one else could and we couldn’t feel more blessed to have found this place. 100% recommended.
Joe P.

Heather is freaking amazing. She has taken my child from a place where he had no way of communicating to having him doing sign language and following directions at home. She has seriously given us the tools for success, I seriously do not know what we would do without her. I would recommend 10/10!!!
Emily H.

Heather is beyond amazing and compassionate. She has been such a blessing for my four year old, who is autistic. I would highly recommend her to EVERYONE! I’ve never worked with someone who puts so much into their job and makes sure to provide you with all the tools to continue at home. She is beyond caring for not only my for my four year old, but with us (her parents) as well. I absolutely adore her, for all of her hard work and more. TEAM HEATHER ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!
Kristen L.

Heather Brown is the best speech therapist that I’ve encountered. She works with my husband who experienced a major stroke that left him unable to speak. Her skills are amazing. She was able to get him to say more words (although he was 5 years into his stroke when we met Heather). She believed in him, while other therapist in the past didn’t think he was capable of progressing. Heather loves people and is genuinely interested in the client and that makes the difference! My husband responded better to Heather than anyone else in the past because of her genuine care. She pushed him at a pace she knew he could handle and he responded very well. Heather is now a part of our family!
Tanya S.

I wanted to comment on the warm and cozy atmosphere of Altruistic. The office is so welcoming with such a family friendly vibe. The staff accommodated me with my busy schedule and was able to get me an appointment within two days. Heather was extremely resourceful and able to provide me with the latest education in regards to my situation. She took her time answering all of my questions and I never felt rushed. I would highly recommend the services of Altruistic to my family and friends for sure. Top notch service – I am greatly impressed.
Michele P.

Heather has gone above and beyond for my son! At the age of 4, he had been working with speech therapists at a different clinic for 2 years and still spoke very few words that were mostly not legible. We decided to search elsewhere which lead us to Altruistic. We have been blown away!! In under a year my son is now able to have conversations with strangers and walk away with them understanding him. He is now reading on his own as well, before even starting school. My son no longer cries or avoids people due to frustrations/sadness that used to associate his inability to communicate. He looks forward to each bi weekly appt and Heather has exceeded our expectations in both the virtual and in person sessions. We would highly recommend Altruistic Therapy Services to anyone seeking treatment for their loved one!! You will be so happy you made the decision to go there. Our only regret is that we didn’t find out about this clinic much sooner!!
Ashley R.

Jen is amazing! She gives the best massages and has helped me deal with my recent back pain/sciatic pain. I look forward to every visit. She is friendly and very professional.
Lisa G.

My speech therapy really helped me out with my memory especially with organizing properly and Altruistic is very flexible and willing to work around my schedule almost any day at anytime and my speech therapist Heather is very cool and down to earth I would absolutely recommend this company for anyone needing therapy thank you so much Altruistic!
Rondean E.

Heather deserves a 5 star rating from me, no actually 10 stars. She helped me with my swallowing issues, tells me everything I need to know, and explains until I understand. She works with me until I get it right, her patience is beyond belief! She is honest, caring and a lovely person inside and out. My swallowing is easier with the exercise routine she gave me and I know I have to do them for the rest of my life and I am good with that. She runs a very professional practice and I highly recommend her.
Karen H.

I went to my first massage in February and I absolutely loved it! When I walked into Altruistic Therapy I got such a homey feeling, which helped me relax. As this was only the second massage I have been to in my life I didn’t really know what to expect. Jen was so nice and walked me through the entire process making sure that I was comfortable the whole time! She asked me a variety of questions to make sure that she customized the massage to fit my needs. The room was nice and warm, and had such a calming feeling to it with the fire, aromatherapy, and music. I will be returning for more massages in the future!
Abbey M.

I love the massages at Altruistic Therapy! They are easy to schedule and affordable.
Andrea L.

My client has enjoyed the massage therapy. I will be sending more of my clients to them.
Sharon H.

My husband, daughter & I attended our first meeting of Altruistic Therapy Services, LLC today & were happy to find out that there really are people who are willing to look beneath the surface of your feelings, emotions, or anything that contributes you not having the ability to live the best life you wish to live. Those leading today were very kind, polite & caring. We learned about several things just in one session, so we are looking forward to going back to find out more ways to help ourselves proceed with true joy, & having the faith to know it is possible.
S. Myers

I first met Heather Brown when she became the Speech Therapist for the patient that I currently care for. As a home health aide it is sometimes frustrating when dealing with a patient and knowing they need assistance in certain areas but they just aren’t getting the support they need and you don’t know how to help them. I had never worked with a speech therapist before so I was both excited and curious as to the types of things she would work on with him. I was able to sit in with my patient and heather during their therapy sessions and I can honestly say that after the first session, both my patient and I could tell that working with Heather was going to be a great thing. I have worked with many different types of therapists doing what I do. In my experience, many of them have a sort of “cookie cutter” way of doing things. This was not at all the case with Heather. She asked us if there were certain things we felt needed to be worked on. This may seem like no big deal to most people but to me it meant a lot. See, she wasn’t just asking him, she was asking me as well. She valued my opinion just as much as his and that meant a lot. One of his major concerns was that he was having trouble swallowing his food and daily medication. It was both uncomfortable and dangerous for him. It was then that she introduced a form of therapy called Vital Stim. She used small electrodes to stimulate the muscles in his throat and within just a few sessions it was getting easier for him to swallow. With every session, his therapy continued to progress more and more. He started communicating better, his breath support was improving and he was using the methods Heather showed him in his daily life. She truly goes above and beyond in every session. She would not only work on his cognitive communication therapy, but use it to help him build his business as well. He is very passionate about it, but needed some guidance on how to move forward. She gave him the tools he needed and together we all made a plan. She truly cares about her patients and wants the best for them. She is a great person to work with and I look forward to working with Heather again in the future.


This place was a huge game changer for me. I went through chemo and radiation to my throat and was having major trouble eating and swallowing after my treatment was finished. Vanessa was kind, patient and so understanding and was able to get me back on the right track again! I have to say I just finished my sessions and I will be sad not to see their kind, smiling faces every week!
Michele B.

Very professional, great atmosphere and left the building feeling relaxed and relieved. 100% recommend to anyone in need of services!
Jessica W.

I’m extremely pleased with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. The speech and massage therapists have been wonderful. I’ve had nothing but great experiences everytime. I highly recommend Altruistic therapy services!
Kaitlyn T.

Heather and her team at Altruistic Therapy Services are amazing! They provide Speech Therapy and Massage Therapy services for my brother. I have nothing but good things to say about them. They really care about their clients and go above and beyond.
Courtney C.

Heather and her staff have went above and beyond my expectations at managing my care and needs. I’ve hit walls with other providers and been pushed to the wayside. The extensive treatment has improved my quality of life. They have referred me to appropriate specialist to get me on the right path. No one else has invested in me as much as Heather has. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Deloris C.

Heather is the best speech therapist that I have come across in the therapy world! She’s very knowledgeable and passionate about seeing her patients progress. She always thinks outside the box and will put her heart into each patients treatment. Very honored to have worked along side her for almost a decade.
Summer M.

I cannot say enough good things about Altruistic Therapy Services! After a corrective surgery, our daughter required speech therapy services. From day one, Heather made us feel welcome, answered our questions thoroughly , and most importantly, loved on our daughter and made her feel comfortable in her therapy sessions. Heather has the perfect combination of caring for her clients on a personal level while also maintaining “tough love” and high expectations for their therapeutic outcomes. She gave our daughter great strategies for overcoming her speech deficit, and within 6 months, she was able to graduate from the program. Heather is the best there is-she’s been a blessing to our family.

Sara F.

Heather Brown is such a wonderful speech therapist, truly cares about her patients and her work. Definitely the best speech therapist! Jennifer, the massage therapist, is wonderful as well. Great place full of amazing people. You definitely want ALTRUISTIC THERAPY on your team!
Alvena B.

I can not say enough good things about Heather and Altruistic Therapy or what she has done for our family. She is and has singlehandedly brought my mom from the rest of her life with a trach to on track for trach removal early next year. That is ALL because of Heather. She has been one of the most incredible leaders I have ever witnessed. She is so passionate about her patients, what see does and progress. She is the perfect blend of caring and all business tough. She knows when to push forward and when to ease off. She is a true pro in every sense and I am so happy you have found her. She was the light at the end of the tunnel for us and she has been the leader that walked us to the light step by step. I have met a lot of medical industry pros and they don’t make them like Heather. She is so far above and beyond the normal status quo. She is all about results and lays out the plan to get there. She is worth every penny. If you are wondering if you can afford her – can you afford not to get her? If you need a trach speech therapy specialist with all kinds of other skills – you have found her. Thank you Heather from the bottom of our hearts! We have been blown away!
A. F.

Heather is a true gem! She is extremely knowledgeable, patient and kind. She has helped me tremendously since my stroke, providing me with compensatory techniques to slow down my speech and thought patterns; compensatory techniques for word retrieval, staying on track and decreasing my anxiety when I am overwhelmed. She has helped me recognize “triggers” that increase my stress levels and helped me be more self aware of my deficits.

In the short time I have been one of Heather’s clients, she has earned my utmost respect! While I have a way to go, I look forward to continuing to work with Heather to attain my maximum cognitive function.

I am delighted I found Heather and Altruistic Therapy Services!

Leslie C.

Altruistic has change my life! My 3 year old has improved from just a few sessions in his behavior and speech. I am so lucky to have found them and found the right therapy that works my child.
Amanda W.

Altruistic by definition, showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish. “It was an entirely altruistic act.”

My husband was referred to Altruistic Therapy Services by his primary care physician shortly after suffering from a stroke. His occipital lob was damaged, which affected his vision along with his inability to read and decipher words. His comprehension of language was compromised as well. We were set up with appointments with Vanessa quickly and his sessions began. He went from the inability to form words from letters to reading within a few months. My husband may be a rare case but I believe Vanessa gave him the confidence to work hard and keep trying. She is a good listener and encourager. The advice she gave Ken proved effective. This clinic truly reflects its name, Altruistic.

Mary H.

From the very first conversation Heather has been very thorough with all the information pertaining to her mission, and the services she provides. Heathers background, knowledge and professionalism as a therapist has set a solid foundation for her very successful business and that is most comforting. We were immediately comfortable with Heather. She is welcoming, caring compassionate and you truly know that she loves what she does. Heathers office is also very warm and welcoming I don’t feel like I’m walking into a doctors office. Heather is very prompt at returning phone calls and you are not left waiting. Every week we see so much progress with my significant others little one (my bonus baby). It is also so rewarding that we are able to continue her progress at home, Heather involves you in on her sessions so you know exactly what to do when you leave her office. That helps our little one exceed beyond her sessions and that is what sets Heather apart from other therapy places. Heather is a blessing to our 4 year old. I am excited to continue to see how much she will learn from Heather. I know it will be extraordinary for miss Aliyah. Thank you for all you do Heather. You are an amazing person. We are beyond grateful for you!
Mickey G.

I have made very good progress in my major musculoskeletal tightness. The rooms are comfortable and relaxing. Great therapist.
Sharon E.

I was recommended this place by a friend of a friend for my daughter with a speech delay. As anyone going into something new I was a little bit skeptical. I called and talked to Heather and she walked me through pretty much everything, I felt super comfortable with her on the phone, So I decided to set up an appointment and once again I felt extremely comfortable in the atmosphere!

We ended up having my daughter evaluated and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made!!!!!!

We ended up seeing Mrs. Vanessa for our 2.5 year-old’s speech therapy and My daughter went from saying mama and dada, to at least 10 words or more. Mrs. Vanessa is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, she is EXCELLENT WITH KIDS. My daughter warmed up to her quickly and that’s all we could have hoped for. Vanessa is the perfect fit for our family and I can’t thank her and Heather enough for everything they have done to help my family on our journey.

I would recommend this place to everyone!!!

I promise you will not be disappointed!

Destinie A.

Heather and staff are awesome, the way they work with my husband to help him achieve his best outcome is great. Heather goes all out to help us with therapy, goals and resources. My husband sees Jen for massage and she has helped him a lot too. Thanks Altruistic 😊
Susan H.

After being diagnosed with Hemiplegic Migraines that affect my ability to speak clearly or at all, and my motor skills. My type of migraines mimic strokes and are very rare. I was sent for physical therapy and finally after fighting for it, speech therapy. My insurance only covered a few. And thankfully I found out of those few, one wonderful one. And I am truly thankful for her. I still have a long ways to go in my speech and cognitive abilities because my condition happens over and over and makes me restart. But she has set me on a path of knowing what to do and how to overcome those deficits to gain my speech back to mostly intelligible so people can understand me. And I couldn’t have asked for a better speech therapist. I can’t thank her enough for all her help. Heather is amazing. You will not regret seeing her in her office or through telehealth through her zoom appointments. She is so understanding, but yet firm enough to help you get through the hard times, and focus on what you need. You will love her.
Jennifer H.

I have met with Heather for a couple of sessions and have nothing but good things to say. Heather is knowledgeable in her field and compassionate about her work. This is not a “slap a bandaid on the problem” type of place. She is honest and the focus is HEALING, which is really hard to come by these days.
Reyna D.

Heather is amazing and compassionate. She has been a huge help to me since my concussion. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is having issues recovering from a traumatic brain injury. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. Absolutely 10/10. She gives you skills to help you in all areas of your life; work, social and home.

Altruistic has great massage therapists. They really helped me recover from a shoulder injury. Great place with great staff.
Sandi T.

Heather, thank you for all of your professional and Personal help, you are the best!! we have audio now, thank you very much. the haircut was great.
April K.

Heather Brown at Altruistic was recommended to me by a close friend and my experience as a client has been superb. Her work is not only thorough and professional but is also personal and caring. 5 stars from my vantage point.
Russ S.

Heather is great at what she does and is incredibly professional. I recommend her to everyone!
Jessica K.

I want to thank Heather for all she has done for my husband to get him to where he is today. We had been through 5 speech therapists who only wanted to show him pictures of different actions and pretty much refused to help us work toward the goal of him swallowing and eating again. Then we found Heather, who is very special to us, she has not given up on us, we may have some days that are slower than others but she just finds another way to work with him and still get some exercise in. She is the only speech therapist that I found that did the VitalStim treatment to work on his dysphagia, that did not work for a facility. She has gotten him so far, and has gone way beyond her speech therapy role to help us find many other resources to help us work towards his recovery. We can’t thank her enough, she cares so much about her patients success that I know with her help we will reach our goals.


I have been diagnosed with Parkinson Disease (PD). Part of the effects of Parkinson is that your voice becomes weaker and lower in volume. I was referred to Altruistic therapy in Davidson MI for LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Therapy). Heather Brown is the licensed and certified LSVT therapist. With her help and understanding along with the therapy I have built my voice volume up so that it is stronger and louder. The goal of this therapy is THINK LOUD. I would recommend anyone to this purely professionally dedicated therapist who really cares about the person she is helping. Thank you Heather, you helped greatly.